About us

I’m Alex, Osteria Dai Coghi’s patron chef.

After getting years of experience in other kitchens, i felt the need to follow my own path which fully reflected how i understand cooking: with no filter other than the idea and the dish, without any compromise.

So i looked for little restaurant that would allow me to work freely; a kind of laboratory where i could put my ideas into practice. Here with my team, like true artisans, we create every element that we serve.

With continuous research and experimentation, together with our young team, we try to enhance regional produce and small producers. 

Our cuisine is continually evolving. What hasn’t changed are the principals on which our work is based, which can be summarised in a single word: authenticity.

Our credo is natural gourmet cuisine: from the source of the raw ingredients to the seasonal availability of produce, to the health aspects of the food, everything rotates around a healthy, honest and coherent understanding of food.

The name of our restaurant, taken from the Veronese dialect, is a homage to the region, the inspiring muse behind our recipes.
Our open kitchen speaks for itself: no gimmicks, just passion.

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